Chocolate Mousse doubling as Chocolate Icecream

PREP: 15 min en 1 uur rusttijd
“CURE”: about 12 hrs @ 4 ° C

SERVES : ca. 12 verrines 


  • 4 organic eggs
  • 220 g chocolate
  • a splash of water
  • a splash of soy cream
  • a pinch of pure vanilla from a pod

For White chocolate mousse: replace dark chocolate by white chocolate and do not add any liquid, else your mousse will not set well.

Getting started

Use eggs at ambient temperature. If you usually store them in the fridge take them out well in advance (night before).

For the bain-marie I use an ordinary casserole with boiling water and put a large metal bowl instead of the lid.


  • Gently melt chocolate au bain marie with the liquid.
  • Set aside to cool down to body temperature
  • Separate eggs and whip egg-whites with vanilla.
  • Stir yolks into the chocolate mixture.

Fold chocolate mix carefully into the whipped egg-whites with a whisk.

Distribute the mousse over ± 12 small bowls or glasses.

Play with taste

Replace the splash of water either with alcohol (Amaretto or Cognac or Single Malt) or whatever strong flavor you fancy – tea-totaller will like homemade lavender extract or ginger syrup – in case of syrup I’d opt for dark chocolate 85%.

Pure and simple

As a true chocolate lover I have tested countless recipes for chocolate mousse. 
This no-nonsense Two-In-One recipe is my all time favourite. I prepare the chocolate mousse and immediately distribute the portions into individual little glasses (we call them “verrines”), which are sealed with cling-wrap and stored in the fridge.


The mousse will keep in the freezer for several weeks, and best of all: served frozen it’s the most delicious chocolate ice-cream you can imagine… One recipe, two ways of serving.