Really into scarves

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Who better to explain the love voor scarves than a Scarf Fanatic ?

Promotional fashion video with Manika Yujuico first published by “Female, Singapore” conveys the instant pleasure a beautiful scarf gives to me.

For daily wear. 

I am mainly into carrés – thick heavy twill silk, 90 x 90 cm with hand-rolled hem  I love them new or vintage whether from a famous brand or of unknown origin. (Just that the new item from a famous brand tends to be a bit pricy… ) I wear them daily, my outfit feels incomplete without a scarf. 

Even on a hiking trip I will take one of the low priced finds from the charity shop – when I want to make an impression I go for the dazzling more exclusive pieces.  I often carry the scarf neatly folded in a pouch in my handbag – it might come in handy.